A downloadable game for Windows

A Rhythm Bullet-Hell Shooter game by LuiCat

Game Rule

This is bullet-hell shooter game but you cannot shoot.
You hit on beats instead.

Hit on the beats several times to beat the enemies;
bullets around the defeated enemy will be removed.

There is a one-time shield protects you from death.
Defeat an enemy to restore your shield.

Your target is to survive through the whole stage.

Good luck with dodging the bullets and hitting the beats!

Resource Info

Image, audio, program and design: LuiCat

All resources used in this game are original work.

Game mechanic inspired by Touhou shoot-the-bullets series, Crypt of the Necrodancer and Danganronpa M.T.A./P.T.A. stages.



RhythmShoot.zip 37 MB

Development log


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Wow, this is similar to the idea I had, but you executed it MUCH better than I was able to. Well done. 

I just wish there was a Retry button. When I die I want to try again but the only option I saw was esc to exit the game.


Not enough time when I do the jam :sad:

yeah I know the feeling ^^

Now you have it: The retry button!

P.S. Check out that bonus hint on "Congratulations!" screen :)